The Art Interview

The no holds barred interview with Artist Jonathan Pierce
& Art Assessor Al Pagano, that you can’t unsee.

It’s Art Time

… presents another film experience by Jonathan Pierce that dives deep into a subject that inspires us all; Art.

Thinkpierce Art: Explained

In “The Art Interview” renowned Art Assessor, Al Pagano sits down with Artist Jonathan Pierce for a one of kind interview that takes a raw look at the breathtaking Art of Jonathan Pierce. Whether it was one of Al & Jonathan’s inspiring explanations that seemed to verbally dissect each illustration so poignantly, one of the art assistants sneaking in a quick snack break, or even a quick cut away shot of Al’s Skechers Shape-Ups, the cameras managed to capture it all. So pull up a chair and a bag of Frito’s for this one of a kind interview that will challenge everything you thought you knew about Art, Snacks, and Skechers Shape-ups. And if after all that, you’re still hungry for more, grab a second bag of Frito’s and head over to to see more stuff by Jonathan Pierce.

The Art Interview is one of those experiences you have where the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t understand